Posted by: bluelanternstudio | May 26, 2009

Chris Turner and the power of hope

This past February in the dreary rain, contemplating the collapse of fish stocks around the world (including our local wild salmon stocks) and the general alarming news about climate change and our race to extinction, I engaged in a bit of back and forth email with Chris Hatch, of Power Up Canada. In response to my despair, he essentially said (in a very polite way) that this kind of attitude is at the heart of what needs to change in order to transform society. He encouraged me to read Chris Turner’s book, The Geography of Hope.

 The Geography of Hope

Which led me to an endless wait through the library system, inching my way closer through the holds. 

 The wait was worth it. Turner, a Calgary-based journalist, writes about his year-long journey to discover all the things people around the world are doing right—the models we need to follow in order to seriously decrease our carbon emissions worldwide. His message: the environmental movement has failed us by making us feel depressed and hopeless, the tools we need to make massive change already exist, the changes we need to make aren’t necessarily painful or expensive, and everyone benefits. To say I’ve come away inspired (and with my brain cells rearranged) is an understatement.

 Of course, the question I’m left with is how my shift in perspective will change my art work. I still feel it’s important to raise awareness of what is happening in the ocean related to pollution and climate change, but I’d rather leave people feeling inspired than depressed. I’m still working on an answer to that one. Meantime, I encourage you to check out Chris Turner and read what he has to say.



  1. Your blog is great! Your comments on Chris’ work inspire me to read it – “Geography of Hope” is a great title. Your heading “Power of Hope” takes me directly to another place – the Power of Hope activist youth camp near Seattle – <"

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