Posted by: bluelanternstudio | January 6, 2010

The mighty pigeon

I returned to the Beaty Museum yesterday after taking a couple of weeks off over the holidays. The time away gave me a chance to think more about what I’d like to be drawing from the collections. Given my interest in climate change and the ocean, I am quite interested in drawing shells and crustaceans (which are affected by ocean acidification from all the carbon in the atmosphere). Unfortunately, those specimens are still in the moving boxes so will have to wait.

I’m also interested in drawing more sea birds, and thought I might start with some sea bird skeletons. Alas, I picked something not in the collection (at least in mounted form). So, I chose two little rock pigeon skeletons instead. They have a lot of bones!

Pigeon from the Beaty Museum collection

Same pigeon as above, but front view

Side view of pigeon number 2 from the Beaty Museum


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