Posted by: bluelanternstudio | January 12, 2010

A yellow perch in the mail

I’m skipping a week at the museum to spend more time with my son, but I’m still making things. For instance, I discovered that the Columbia River Reader is holding a mail art contest. This one is for efuto, or envelopes that are illustrated with pictures. I’ve made one with a yellow perch fish which wraps around from the front of the envelope to the back.

Yellow Perch

Here is the back of the envelope:

Yellow perch - tail

Wish me luck in the contest!

****Update Feb 15, 2010: Just found out that my envelope has been chosen as one of the five finalists in the contest! And that it is the winner selected by a curator from the Communications Museum in Tokyo! WOW!****



  1. By chance I came across ur blog tonight, Robi. I’m the guy who coordinated the CRR efuto contest. Congratulations on being the top winner. Ms Imura in Tokyo selected yours among the top five. You will be so identified in the next CRR. We all liked your fish. Some of the judges thought it was a salmon. The color should have been an indication but we’re not fish experts, we’re efuto experts. :~) I found ur note inside later. Thank you for participating in this fun contest.
    Aloha, Gary Meyers – Honolulu

  2. Thanks Gary! And I received your package in the mail yesterday, with your lovely note and the cards you made up. And a second envelope from the CRR with copies of the paper and articles. I am really, really thrilled! Thank you so much 🙂

  3. This is so awesome! Congrats!

  4. Thanks Jason!

  5. Congratulations! Great art and great recognition!

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