Posted by: bluelanternstudio | January 29, 2010

Sea shells

This week at the Beaty Museum, I was given the key to the cabinets that hold the shell collection. It hasn’t been organized since the move. Eventually the specimens will all be orderly arranged on proper shelves, but for now the cabinets are open spaces filled will large cardboard and wooden boxes. Where to begin?

Three cabinets in, I pulled down a huge cardboard box. I carefully lifted out layers of cushioning paper and then gingerly unwrapped a few large shells. Deeper in the box I found layers of small clear plastic boxes, each with a different kind of shell. Shells that swirled, shells that looked like Christmas trees and strange candy confections. Browns, whites, pinks, spotted, striped. I pulled out more than I could possibly draw, and then got down to it. These shells are all from Asia—Japan, Korea, Taiwan. I only finished drawing a few of them. Thankfully I’ll be back next week!


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