Posted by: bluelanternstudio | February 15, 2010

Super cool heroes

In 2009, I was awarded a Vancouver Downtown Eastside Arts Grant to create a series of superhero characters and print them as trading cards. Since then, the concept for the superheroes has evolved from my original idea of creating characters based on everyday people who are engaged in positive social change to being superhero characters who are fighting climate change. The superheroes of the 1930s (Superman, Spiderman) emerged in response to the bleak economic times of the Great Depression. Similarly, in this era of economic and environmental crisis, I think we need models of hope and transformation. 

The sketches and drawings I’ve done to date transform everyday people into superheroes by giving them bulging muscles, capes and superhuman powers to cool the plant. Their powers range from shrinking smaller and smaller in order to reduce their carbon footprint (see Tina Tiny Toes below) to covering wide expanses of concrete with a white cape to reflect heat back up to the sun, leaving the earth cooler (see Hector Reflector). 

Tina Tiny Toes

Hector Reflector


My aim is to develop six or more characters, which I’ll then turn into trading cards. I  can then send these to public figures around the world who could use a little superhero encouragement on the climate change front. I’ll also leave cards in public places to inspire others. 



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