Posted by: bluelanternstudio | March 19, 2010

creepy, crawly, squeaky insects

I arrived at the museum yesterday without a plan in mind. After scrolling through some options I settled on drawing some insects. The only ones accessible were a collection that’s used for teaching. These were largely collected by a man named Hook, a naturalist who picked up bugs wherever he went … from rural Japan to the streets of Vancouver. The collection is just over 100 years old.  Here are some of the insects that caught my eye. (None of these are named in his field notes.)

Hook’s field notes: “On bough of tree by side of path in partly cultivated land. Hill 3 miles west of Yokohama. When caught emitted a squeaking sound. 22 July 1910.”

Hook’s field notes: “On chestnut tree on top of hill, partly cultivated, some miles west of Yokohama. 23 July 1910.”

Hook’s field notes: “Part of collection given by F G Stephens Esq. History unknown.”

And this one is a total mystery. I just love how the two sets of wings are so carefully laid out for study.

Unlike the fish and bones in the museum’s collection, the insects are really colourful. If I do more work on them, I think I’ll bring some paints or pencil crayons to capture more of their beauty. They really are astounding.


  1. the drawing number 804 is a bug i think i know. i have lots in my garden and i live in england! i belive they are red and when you come into contact with them they squeaking sound. they leave there poo on the bottom of leaves. i only find them on these particular leaves and am currently finding the kname of them. they eat these leaves and are possible a type of beetle whith there armer back. they have wings and can fly. im observing these bugs and contact me for more information.

    • Hi Peter – thanks for taking the time to write and for the information about the squeaking bugs. I wonder if they are the same ones?!

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