Posted by: bluelanternstudio | March 24, 2010

twitter/art + social media

This morning I’m on my way down to the Diane Farris Gallery (1590 W. 7th in Vancouver BC) to drop off two paintings that will be included in the twitter/art + social media exhibition. The show is “an exhibition of work by artists who use social media for the inspiration, production or presentation of their work. The exhibition includes a juried show of artwork and related events, both at the gallery and online.”

The paintings of mine that will be included in the show are two self-portraits—not my usual stuff! I’ve been toying with the idea of painting some portraits over the past year, and when I saw the call for submissions to this show, I was inspired to draw myself, as I see me … not how I usually present myself on-line and in my communications with the wider world. I started just doing some line drawings in front of a mirror, then did these two paintings:

I intended to paint this one (‘I am afraid’) more fully, but ended up loving the simplicity of the lines and the unfinished look of the paint. So I left it and painted the next one (‘I have secrets’).

In my artist statement for the show I wrote: 

I use social media to share my work with collectors, fans, and all those anonymous people who find me through Google searches. I post to Facebook regularly, update my blog each week, and send out a monthly e-newsletter to close to 400 subscribers. Each communication asks me to reveal myself in different ways and, while I’m always truthful, I do edit myself. I don’t share details about my family life. I talk about what I’m creating and feedback I’ve received, but not how I spend my time every day or my worries. I don’t talk about my fears. I still have secrets. I have a private life I don’t expose to the world. 
The images of myself that I use on-line are polished, almost guarded. These self-portraits are intended to be more immediate, more raw. Question: should I post them on-line?


Well, that question has been answered with this post!

The work of about 40 artists will be included in the exhibition. If you’re in Vancouver, come to the opening on Thursday, April 1 from 6 – 8 pm (and check back in the gallery because the work is rotating). If you’re out of town, you can follow the show on-line and join in discussions on Facebook and the the gallery’s blog. And you’re welcome to post comments here!


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