Posted by: bluelanternstudio | June 2, 2010

Lions, elephants and tigers

Over the past few months, I’ve been gathering up collage materials about animals and our complex human relationships with them over time. I’m preparing for an exhibition in September of collages that deal with this theme  and have promised about a dozen pieces. To keep it simple, I decided that each collage would deal with a different animal so I’ve created folders for each one and have been filling them as I come across great images.

This past week, I’ve finally started putting glue to paper and have finished three pieces, with more on the way. The first one is about lions and features images from story books, a children’s memory game, and 1930s’ advertising and articles about daring stunts and the circus. The stamps and flag speak to the use of lions as symbols of royalty, strength, and divinity. The map is a slice of Africa. 

Leo, mixed media collage


 The next collage I did stepped a little outside the theme. It won’t be part of the exhibition but will be for sale during the Filberg Festival this summer in Comox BC. It deals with the themes of magic and daring.

Magic & Daring, mixed media collage


This collage features images of tricks, cards and hypnotism, and that all magical concept of human flight.

The third piece I’ve finished is all about elephants.

Elephants, mixed media collage


The source materials are similar to those from the lion piece, with the map being of south-east Asia. I especially like the connection between the image in the bottom left which reads “elephants have the right of way” paired with the image on the bottom right of circus elephants parading down a city street.

The next collage I’m working on relates to tigers. Here’s what it looks like at the moment:

Tigers (in progress), mixed media collage


I’ll post the final image once it’s done. Stay tuned!


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