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From Starfish to Sticklebacks

I’m excited to be curating an exhibition of marine-themed art work by seven amazing artists to be part of the International Marine Conservation Congress at the Victoria Conference Centre, May 14 – 18, 2011. The art exhibition will be open to the public each day from 11 am to 6 pm (Wed until 4:30 pm). For more details and to invite your friends, click here!

From Starfish to Sticklebacks: Seven BC Artists Explore the Ocean’s Wonders 

Connect with your passion for marine life through the art of seven talented and award-winning BC artists:

Vicky Bowes:

In her paintings, Vicky captures the evolutionary perfection and grace of species in their natural environment. She shows the immense diversity that lies beneath the surface of the world’s oceans. (Vancouver, BC)

Vicky Bowes: Surface

Kirsten Chursinoff:

Kirsten’s embroidered textile pieces are part of her ‘Low Tide’ series, which includes octopus, jellyfish, anemones and sea stars. Growing up near the coast of British Columbia, she has always been interested in the creatures inhabiting the intertidal zone. (Vancouver, BC)

Kirsten Chursinoff: Jellies

Anne Hansen:

Anne is in the throes of a love affair with oystercatchers along BC’s west coast. She paints them rapturously among colourful seaweeds, tidepools, and log-strewn beaches. (Victoria, BC)

Anne Hansen: Oystercatcher #242

Leanne Hodges:

Images of wildlife, coastal landscapes, indigenous cultures, and environmental themes are expressively interwoven in Leanne’s paintings and mixed media artworks. For more than 15 years, Leanne pursued her art practice while developing a remote charter boat company and raising her son. (Quadra Island, BC)

Leanne Hodges: Echolocation

Ian McAllister:

Ian is an award-winning photographer, author and conservationist. He works for the wildlife conservation group Pacific Wild. Ian’s images focus on wildlife of the BC Pacific coast and emphasize the relationship between marine and terrestrial environments. (Great Bear Rainforest, BC)

Cam MacDonald:

Cam’s drawings explore human utilization of the natural world. He mixes humour, politics, art and science to stimulate dialogue about issues of over fishing, globalization and food security. His ink drawings feature fish that live in the Pacific Ocean off BC’s west coast. (Duncan, BC)

Cam MacDonald: Angler Fish

Robi’s paintings depict the beauty and mystery of local marine species in an ocean threatened by pollution, over fishing, and climate change. All of the fish in her paintings have, at one time or another, swum through BC’s coastal waters. (Vancouver, BC)

Robi Smith: Opah



  1. I would like to have attended this show. I think there are many othter possibilities for this kind of outreach.
    Sheila Harrington, co-ordinator/editor: The Atlas of the Islands in the Salish Sea

    • Thanks Sheila – I loved putting together this show and it was very well received. I’m looking forward to integrating art with more scientific conferences and will let you know if I do something similar again. The future holds many possibilities in its hands!

  2. […] build my community of artists and scientists with shared interests. The art shows were part of the International Marine Conservation Congress in Victoria and the Salish Sea Ecosystem Conference in […]

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