Posted by: bluelanternstudio | April 1, 2011

My favorite collage cards, for spring!

This week I received a big order for my collage greeting cards from Book Warehouse in Vancouver. Since I didn’t have enough cards in stock, I’ve spent the past few days in my studio making a new batch. And, because I’m so ready for spring, I focused on colours (green! blue! purple!), birds, butterflies and other animals.

Card # 21

To create the tiny collages for my cards, I first make long strips of artwork that I cut up. Here’s what this batch looked like pre-cutting:

Full collages for a batch of cards

My favorite piece:

I love the wolf with the stars emerging from its head 🙂

I can usually get about 120 cards out of a batch this big. This time, I decided to pull out my favourite 30 cards and offer them for sale to my friends and fans before sending them to the stores. Here are a couple, and the rest are on my Facebook page.

Each card is numbered in the Facebook album, so if there’s one or more that you’d like, send me the numbers and I’ll be in touch about payment. The cards are $6 each or 3 for $15, incl. tax and shipping. Each one comes with its own envelope too, of course!

Happy spring everybody!


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