Posted by: bluelanternstudio | August 18, 2011

The power of experimenting

Do you ever get in comfortable rut? The kind you know you want to get out of but can’t quite, at least not without some seriously hard work?

Well, I’m kind of there with my collage work. It not that I don’t like what I’m producing—it’s okay—I just feel like I could be doing better, more interesting work. My collages are starting to feel stale, repetitive, and cluttered. I want to get more intuitive with them, worry less about ‘ruining’ or ‘wasting’  the  materials, and be more bold.

The trouble is, I’ve always had an internal resistance to being bold, to making loud changes that other people might notice. I’ve always preferred to go quietly about my business.

But it’s time to put aside my resistance and push through my fears. Fears about collage? Laugh if you must, but it’s true. My art is very personal, and the way I create art even more. I  have my little quirks of personality that show up in the way I do things. It feels risky to actually change the way I do something. What if no one likes it?

Thankfully I know from past experience that when I do manage to set aside my worries about what others may think of me, and let myself into the zone where failure and bad art are okay, I do enjoy playing around and seeing what my non-thinking brain comes up with.  I like working away at something until it feels right, if it ever does.

I can see that my fears are irrational. In all probability, no one is actually going to point or laugh or set me apart from others and scrutinize me uncomfortably. In fact, very few people will probably notice that I’m really being radical at all.

So….(drum roll please)… in the spirit of experimentation, I’m going to try on the experience of experimenting in public this weekend. Eek!

If you’re in Vancouver, on Saturday (Aug 20) I’m going to be the Artist in the Window at Bird on a Wire Creations from 11 – 4 pm (on Main St between Broadway and 10th Ave). On Sunday (Aug 21), I’ll be doing the same at Artful Sundays in Napier Square (Commercial Drive at Napier St) from noon – 5 pm. Drop by and see what I’m working on, working out, and re-imagining.

Are you afraid of experimenting too? Come, bring your own little project, and let’s face our fears together!


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