Artist, Blue Lantern Studio

In the community gardens near my studio

Blue Lantern Studio is where I write and paint. This blog is filled with notes about what I’m working on and thinking about.

My paintings reflect my love of the ocean and my concerns about plastic pollution, climate change and over-fishing. For little ones, I’ve created an educational colouring book that features 12 of the more interesting and unusual marine and freshwater fish of British Columbia.

When I’m not painting fish, I also love to make collages. I am working away at a series of tiny collages made entirely of cut out images from postage stamps, as well as some larger collages that feature natural history images, maps, and advertising from the early to mid-1900s. I create unique, handmade collage greeting cards which are available through my website and at many wonderful stores (see the tab above: where to buy cards and books).

If you’re in Vancouver, BC (Canada) and would like to see my work in person, I’m always up for studio visits. Just send me an email if you’d like to drop by to make sure I’ll be there. The tea’s on me! I’m also participating in a First Saturdays open studio event this spring where you can drop by my studio and visit a few others in the neighbourhood while you’re here.

If you’re interested in regular updates, here are some great options: subscribe to this blog, subscribe to my monthly newsletter, and check me out on Facebook. My website is www.blue-lantern.ca/studio and my email address is robi [at] blue-lantern.ca.

Thanks for your interest in my work!

– Robi

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