I offer art-based workshops out of my studio in East Vancouver and would love for you to join in! Enthusiasm is much more important than experience, so don’t be shy. All workshops focus more on process than product and reflect both my  interests and those of my students. Teaching out of my own studio keeps costs down (my fee structure is based on $10 per teaching hour per student, plus a little extra for supplies) and keeps things intimate. I only have enough space for 4 to 6 students per workshop, so register early.

Let’s draw!  Join me on Mondays for an hour of focused drawing to get your creative juices flowing for the week ahead. Great for artists who need a kickstart to the week, but open to anyone. We’ll draw anything and everything – a still life, each other, imaginary creatures from Mars, you name it. Follow the structure or do your own thing. Just show up with whatever you like to draw with and on. More details…

Introduction to collage This class is for anyone who is interested in the art of cutting, tearing, glueing and painting. We’ll explore a whole variety of tools and techniques over the course of 4 two-hour sessions. More details…

Nature in the city: an exploration It’s easy to  relegate “nature” to rural and wild areas, but in truth the city is filled with natural wonders if only you know where and how to look. This workshop will help open your eyes and then offer ways to record and reflect on what you find. Let’s slow down and smell the roses together. More details…

Radical Thursdays  Are you concerned about the state of the world? Are you ready to do something about it, something creative that will get other people thinking? Do you want to shake it up, at least on Thursdays? Join me to discover what you’re passionate about and how to communicate that in fun and creative ways. Yes, we’ll write letters, but we’ll also make posters and stickers and chalk art and stencils and ?? More details…

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